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Care Centers

(The HEART of what we do)

CCCs are where parents and their children with intellectual disabilities learn together. Each CCC serves 65 parent/child teams.

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Care Center Pricing

Free! All CCC parent training and children’s services are sponsored & covered by donors. (Isn’t that awesome? Thank YOU, donors!)

• Parents pay nothing to attend.

How to volunteer at a CCC

Send an email with your skills to

Matero Community Care Center

Established July 2022.
Contact Doreen: +260 97 7832283
Map Below
Near Kasamba Basic School and Miracle Impact Ministries International.

Marapodi Community Care Center

Established January 2024.
Contact Harriet: +260 97 9722662
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Kabanana Community Care Center

Established February 2023.
Contact Harriet: +260 97 9722662
Map Below
Near Highlands Secondary School.